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The Shanghai U9 Game Limited Liability Company, named The Limited Liability Company of Ai Shi before, one of the first joint-equity enterprises and listed companies, that all of the stock are tradable shares, another word, it’s the “old Stereotyped Writhing”. So far the company listing, through the distribution of profits , increase the capital reserve and allotment over the years, our company’s capital stock from the beginning 300 thousands increase to 832,703,498 stock.

Stop to the 31th Dec.2014, the total assets of our company was realized 44.752757million Yuan, and among which 19.860744 million Yuan belongs to parents company. that was increased 38.97% and 107.04% at the same term. Our company total revenues was realized 16.752382 million Yuan, total profit realized -2,210964 million Yuan, there was reduce 9.83% and 2,110.34% at the last year same term. net profit realized -2,121505 million Yuan. assets of our company’s net profit was realized -1,372901 million Yuan ,there was reduce 6,247.88 % and 3,168.42 % at the last year same term.

The business of U9 Time: Our company works on Game operation, production’s technological development, technical service, technology consulting, technology transfer ,design, production, agent service, advertising, computer design, production design, and the investment in the liquefied petroleum gas industry and the coal and clean energy.

After the SHANGHAI U9 Game Limited Liability Company listing become the only some of company called “three without concept”, always is the important sensibility of securities market merger and recombination.

In June, 1996, the YANZHONG Industry Company entered our company and they hold our company stock of total capital reach 4.99% ,became the controlling shareholder of our company.

In October,1998,the DAGANG Oilfield Group Limited and the other affiliated enterprise entered and hosted our company, and they hosted 10.01% our company’s shares.

In September 2000, Tiantian Technology Co. and Beijing Tongda Zhiyuan Network System Engineering Co., Ltd., took the reins at our company and shared 5% of the total stock, becoming the controlling shareholders of our company. In June 2003, the two companies increased holdings to 10.09% of the total stock.

In June 2005, Tiantian Technology Co. purchased the shares owned by Beijing Tongda Zhiyuan Network System Engineering Co., Ltd. by block trading via Shanghai Stock Exchange System. Since then, Tiantian Technology Co. hold as much as 9.09% of the total stock of our company and became the main controlling shareholder.

In November 2014, our company conduct material assets reorganization and issued 91.9 million shares to Tiantian Technology Co. by private placement. Since then, Tiantian Technology Co. hold 17.11% of the total stock of our company and maintained the main controlling shareholder.

Since 2000, Tiantian Technology Co. Ltd. stepped on the sustainable and steady development track. Depending on strong economic strength and modern enterprise management mechanism, Tiantian Technology Co. Ltd. not only aided an ‘old brand’ listed company called Aishi Co., to be rejuvenated, but also promoted Youjiu Game entering a fresh chapter with completely new features.

In 2001, our company purchased 116 million shares of Beijing international trust Co. LTD. for ¥1424 billion, which represented 9.67% of registered capital, becoming the third largest shareholder. After Beijing international trust Co. LTD conducting capital increase and share expansion, our company decreased its holding to 8.29% by present.

At the end of 2002, our company purchased 56% stakes of Shangdong Taishan Energy Co. LTD. with self-raised fund ¥415 million, which implied the expanding of main business to new fields such as basis materials and energy supply, representing the further improvement of industrial structure of our company.

In May, 2008, the subsidiary corporation Shan Dong Tai Shan Energy Co, Ltd invested 410 million yuan which accounted for 50.60% of the stock rights from NEI MENG GU ,Rong Lian Investment and Development Co,Ltd. to BAO TOU Hua Yi Trading Co, Ltd.

In July 2012,the company invested 2.747770 million dollars to transfer 17.60% of the stock rights from NEI MENG GU ,Rong Lian Investment and Development Co,Ltd. to BAO TOU Tomorrow Technology Co,Ltd. . Thus, the company is now holding 68.20% stock rights of the Nei Meng Rong Lian directly and indirectly.

In 2014, the company acquired 100% stock rights of the U9 Time Technology Limited Company (Bei Jing Division) by issuing stocks, paying cash, purchasing assets as well as raise the supporting funds i.e. Connected transaction. On 16th October,100% stock rights of U9 Time had finished the procedures concerning account transfer and the relevant trading administration required by the government. Till then, U9 time had become the fully funded sub company of the U9 game. In November, 2014, the company had managed to complete the transformation of the major organizational structure which form a bi-primary mode which consisted of two components: coal mining and the research and development as well as the sales, research and development and releasing of online games.

The company is trying to actualize the developmental target which is to “ utilize the resource allocation, improve the product quality, enhance the capability in making profits”, generalizing all sorts of operative management tasks. The company will follow the market demand, increase the future developmental potential actively, and looking for the new profit enhance point to ensure the successful organizational development and transformation, innovative development as well as the sustainable development.

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